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Biotrak: A legacy of insightful research (video)

BioTrak is one of the world's leading and most trusted research providers for Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) and Human Factors research. BioTrak has the reputation of collaborating with healthcare professionals and providing the empirical research, surveys and studies to provide not only essential information but insights and recommendations to its clients.

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Mitigate medical product risk and improve safe use

Abstract The adequacy of labeling for instructions, cautions, and contraindications becomes pivotal in the benefit/risk assessment of medical products. Our research using observational study designs in mock product use trials has predicted medication use error rates in the range of 40-70% for drug device combination products. Early testing of proposed labeling can identify problem areas

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The use of intent scale transactions to predict purchase interest

Eric Risen and Larry Risen, BioTrak Research Inc. December 19, 2008 ~ Market researchers commonly use a mathematical technique called intent scale translations to convert a respondent’s stated purchase intentions into actual purchase probabilities. Intent scale translations provide the researcher with an estimate of actual buying behavior and accounts for over estimation on the part

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