Bringing new meaning to REMS Asessments

BioTrak Research brings together domain area consulting expertise with proprietary analytical tools to design, field and report on Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) assessments. We aim for the highest reliability and greatest insights from the research we perform.

Our research services deliver a comprehensive set of REMS assessment consulting solutions that include:

  • Developing assessment protocols and survey questionnaires
  • Pretesting REMS elements and performing survey validation with appropriate stakeholders
  • Implementing and fielding survey methodologies at agreed upon intervals
  • Reporting on assessment findings
  • Delivering real-time results reporting through our proprietary PharmaTrak™ Viewer and survey portal at

BioTrak’s exclusive ASSESS is the first-ever analytical research tool that can benchmark a REMS assessment with similar studies and performance metrics from our large REMS assessment registry. This critical comparative research tool provides for more meaningful interpretation of assessment results and applies multivariate analysis to identify REMS performance factors potentially needing corrective action.

REMS Capabilities Presentation
REMS ASSESS Benchmarking Study